Movie Chatting – Let’s Have the Wheels Turning Again

Think about it. When’s the final time you watched something amazing come through in the world of video communication? It’s been years! Exchanging video communications via our cellular equipment is probably the newest cutting edge in video chatting that we have had the privilege to enjoy, and since that time things happen to be quite quiet.

This isn’t a bad thing. videochat would mean that we’re content. Really the only problem with this kind of sound stagnation is there are too many copy cats nowadays. You can usually toss “free video chat” into Google and be an endless roster of services that’re begging you to sign up with them.

But what is the difference between these platforms? Why are businesses working to compete utilizing the very same technology as everyone else? And first and foremost – why the heck is not there a champion yet?

The simple fact of the matter is that often video chatting these days, well, stinks. With a bit of services it’s too simplified – dumbed down platforms with nothing much more than a “next” button. Others are way too difficult – new features are unnecessarily tossed at your face on a weekly basis. You needlessly use up computer space downloading and using programs, that typically tends to make it terribly difficult to invite any friends on the snooze fest. And in no time, you are forking out your hard-earned cash just to perform something which was at first thought to be free.

Let us make something clear here: free video chat must be FREE. Free means no cost!

Wait, did you get that? That means you shouldn’t ever bother enrolling with a system that wants to charge for video chatting, video conferencing or even something of the form. Communication is not a tiny resource online – it is abundant and ever-lasting. Putting a sale price on it is appalling and selfish, and the organizations out there trying getting away with it should be sent to the crappy business graveyard.

Moreover, there’s really no rational reason as to why we should have to obtain and install applications just to do a little video chatting. Just about all that these programs are working on is trying to keep us out of our web browsers where everything is (, quick, and simple most of all) individual. Not to mention there are a lot of new free video chat services out there that don’t exactly have the best reputation yet and should be taken with a grain of salt – you would be surprised just how easy it is to purchase a computer virus nowadays.

So in case you can change something about video chatting, what would it be? Is the “free video chat” program you are currently using actually free? Take the time to think about what is important to you with regards to web based communication – there are a great deal of sites on the market that do not deserve the membership of yours.

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