Can it be Worth Investing in a Premium Url At An Auction?

People want to have a brief, descriptive and sweet domain name for our online services or business. But what happens if it’s already been taken? Can we get the title of our choice in case it is a distinctive one? Though most of us do not care much about the domain name of ours, the fact remains that the website name is a thing that will first off latch onto a customer’s mind. Whether it is conventional advertising and marketing techniques or modern web systems, all forms of advertising the self of yours could be very expensive. But is this expense justified? This article works with the cost-benefit analysis of purchasing a Premium Domain Name rather than sticking to any standard name that maybe offered to help you.

Top Price?

Premium Domain Names sell between $1000 to $15000. But it seems that people remain in a position to buy them at that price. But what might the primary reason be? The Website name is an intellectual property, the same as your brand or trade title. Infact found Trademark law jargon, a website name is usually called a Domain Mark. It is an identity or an identifier of your business or service or product. As it’s intangible, it is like the Goodwill of your business. It’s in effect invaluable. You can’t put a price tag on the website since the returns that you may get cannot be quantified and neither can you justify the high price of theirs.

It is exactly like having a logo made for your company. You will never be in a position to quantify how useful the logo were for the business of yours. Brandable Domains may certainly face criticism for a lousy design or even get words of flattery for a refreshingly new design, though you won’t ever get exact responses of how much more revenue it brought into your company. Did the logo impact an even greater number of people than it will have influenced had it been different things? Was another shortlisted logo a good option for the kind of crowd that you are planning to target? These along with other similar questions you might can’t predict the answers of. In the exact same way, you won’t have the means to pinpoint whether it had been the domain name that influenced customers on the site of yours or it was some other factor in your marketing campaign that did the trick. Hence, attempting to put a definite worth on a premium url is an useless form of exercise.

Past History

One major factor which might identify the importance of a website name is the way efficiently it has carried out till date and also for what type of product or business. You’ll find different online tools which help you gauge the importance of a site depending on the value of its traffic and business potential. A internet site with a dubious reputation might also be having bad reviews placed all around the web. This might mislead visitors and also discourage them from coping with you. This perhaps a good reason why the domain name has become available for sale. Similarly, there perhaps some domain names which haven’t been renewed or were lost as a result of carelessness of the prior owner and in addition have been picked up by some auction websites. Such domains command a handsome price but might in addition be able to provide you with good returns. Doing some standard research and also due diligence to ascertain the possible past reputation can help you strike a good deal.

While premium domain names are able to provide the company of yours a major headstart, it is eventually going to boil down to just how good you are able to monetize the domain name. Simply because a domain name is priced higher, does not necessarily imply that it is well worth that price. Though you may want to consider that a reputed domain auctioneer would have developed a calculated guess on what amount it would sell for and accordingly fixed the price. Within domain name sales there is no fixed price and you may beat down the opposite party on the pricing almost always.

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