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2009 Annual Report


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The Morris Regional Public Health Partnership, Inc. works with many organizations to make improvements to the health services available to Morris County residents. This website will keep you informed of the Partnership's plans, projects, publications and those of the the health and human services organizations with which we  are associated.


Children’s Immunization Project: Children’s day care centers in five municipalities were determined to have low numbers of children’s complying with seasonal flu immunization recommendations. Using quality improvement techniques day center managers were interviewed and a manual was written providing information relating to requirements for all immunizations and was distributed and reviewed with the managers by public health nurses.

Food Safety Project: The Partnership facilitated the survey of food service managers of a municipality to determine satisfaction with the conduct of the inspections their organizations sustained. They reported the need for food safety training programs for their employees. A training course was organized, and a food safety manual was written and published.

Community Health Assessment: The partnership will provide further information this Fall 2011.

Oral Cancer Prevention and Treatment Project: As part of its long standing collaborative with its multi-county oral cancer screening and treatment project the Partnership will assist the Morris County Cancer Coalition with that program’s conduct by providing project management services. In operation since 2007 the project includes six to seven counties. It provided free screenings to over 1,076 people in 2010 and detected and referred over 50 people to further medical care.

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